Weight Loss Success Away From The Gym


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Alright so today, I wanted to talk about being successful on your weight loss and fitness journey.


People think that by doing a couple workouts a week that should be enough to help them do a total body transformation and change their lives for ever in a couple months.


I am afraid that is not the case. I have to be honest here.

In fact when I hear “I do my 2-3 workouts a week, but I am just not seeing any results”, I will always dig deeper and find out what they are doing away from the gym. Often it’s completely counter productive – poor nutrition and zero activity.


Don’t get me wrong you can make incredible changes in a few months but its so much more than just 2 hours a week of working out. I know you know this is the case, but I just want to make sure. I just can’t stress these points enough. I know each of the following points could be made into books themselves, but here is a brief overview.


Resistance Workouts for Weight Loss

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I have previously spoken before about the importance of doing 3 resistance workouts each week as a minimum. Resistance workouts are key to your weight loss success. Building muscle, burns fat! Get more muscle and you will have a higher metabolism.

This can be in the form of lifting weights, it could be body weight training, such as squats, press ups etc. It could be high intensity training. There are a lot of different training types.

But what else is included?


Your success on this journey is a result of what you do away from the gym as well as what you do while you’re at the gym.


Nutrition for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nutrition is the foundation for being successful on your weight loss journey. If your nutrition is good, then you will get results. If its not, then you won’t. Its that simple. Get your nutrition sorted. Keep a food diary and just see what you are eating on a day to day basis.

Quick tip – don’t buy crap food, then its not in the house for you to eat.



Cardio for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

I have always stated that cardio is less important for weight loss than the resistance training. However, you should include some cardio, such as walking, running, cycling etc. Even just 20 minutes 3 times a week will have great impact on your overall health.

Quick tip – start with a walk, and progress it to a jog, add 1 minute each week. You won’t notice a real increase in time but before you know it you will be out for 40mins and feeling great about it.


Activity for Weight Loss

Health and fitness is a lifestyle. Think about the fittest person you know, then think about the most unhealthy person you know.

Chances are the fittest person does a lot of activity whilst the unhealthy person does not. What do I mean by activity?

They walk to the shops, they walk to work, they take the stairs instead of the lift, they get up and move regularly. They go outside and play with the kids – and by ‘play’, I mean play, not sit outside on the ipad while the kids are playing. They run around with the dog, they actually throw the ball for the dog.

Weight Loss


They are probably not like these guys in the picture taking the escalators to get up to the gym haha. This picture always makes me laugh.

Quick tip – track your activity, grab a pedometer and actually measure how far you move each day. Make a commitment to move more each day.



Be active!

 Weight Loss

This is a lifestyle change.


Goal: Devote 1 hour each day to your goal of being healthy, losing weight, and getting fit, by doing some form of exercise and I promise you, you will see results soon enough. 1 hour a day is like 5% of your day – its nothing, no excuses.

I have a request for you, I would love to hear how you stay active, and it would help our community by giving them ideas. So please leave me a comment below and let us know what you do to stay active and healthy.


Committed to your success




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