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WILLPOWER — Do You Have It? How Do You Get More?

Are you forever that friend who is forever making goals but always falling at the first hurdle? You’re not alone, goal setting is the easy part, it’s finding that magic ‘willpower potion’ that isn’t. Let’s fix it.

Yes, things will get in the way at times and our plans won’t work out as we had imagined, that is life, it’s inevitable. When things go wrong we often doubt ourselves and get disheartened. The easiest option is to just give up and abandon the goal completely. One minor set-back is not failure. It’s only failure if you give up completely!


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Quick Morning Workout To Boost Your Metabolism

We know for a lot of people waking up in the morning is a struggle, and the thought of doing a full workout at 6am is at the moment just not even worth thinking about. However the benefits of doing even just a short bout of exercise in the morning are amazing. Not just from a weight loss point of view either. You will actually be more productive throughout the day, more creative and have more energy. All you need to do is this quick morning workout to boost your metabolism.


This particular one is just 5 minutes! 5 minutes, thats a super quick morning workout!


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You can’t ‘spot reduce’ fat

At Pursuit, we are often asked questions such as, “What are the best exercises for my belly and behind?” or, “Why can’t I lose the fat from my arms? What we’re really being asked about concerns a concept called ‘spot reduction’ – the idea that you can do certain exercises that will reduce the fat from one specific part of our body.

But here’s the hard facts, guys – you can’t actually, ‘spot reduce’ fat.  Sorry.

I know, I know.  For years, we’ve been told that if we just concentrate crunching our abdominal region, we’ll get washboard abs. Or if, say, we’re pretty happy with our weight but would like to lose the bat-wing arms, we can just target those every time we work out.

But it just doesn’t work like that. You can’t control where you lose fat first, and, in fact, certain exercises that you might swear blind will beat back the bulge in your belly or your thighs or wherever you want, can actually be making it harder for you to achieve your weight loss goals!

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