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Christmas Fitness Gifts For Her 2016

Shelly and I don’t have our Christmas tree up in the house yet, but I know it’s only a matter of days… ok 5 days to be precise, yes I’ve been told its this weekend!

Two weeks ago I came into the studio on a Monday morning, asked the team about their weekends and Ella tells me all her Christmas shopping is already done. Then I saw the Coca Cola Christmas advert last night and I realised it’s time I stopped denying it, Christmas is actually here.

By the way which is your favourite Christmas advert this year?

Anyway, I have gone off topic. I thought today I would create a list of cool stuff that ladies who like to keep fit, or even someone who has just made the decision to get fit and be healthy, could add to their Christmas list today! I recruited Ella and a couple of ladies from our community to let me know what they would like. I am not just guessing here!


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