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Is striving for the perfect body killing you?

This is an enticing title but bare with me because it might just save your views of what it is you really want to achieve! Are you aiming to look like someone with the perfect beach body on TV or Instagram?


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How To Reduce Cholesterol Levels

So, you’ve been told by your doctor that you have high cholesterol and that you need to do something about it. Maybe they even suggested taking some form of medication to control it, they probably mentioned statins.


Every now and again we have a new client come to join us who tells us that their cholesterol levels and blood pressure are fine. In my head I am thinking…”really?” but I let them go with it. Then comes the question of what medication they are taking, and out comes the various medications prescribed to control blood pressure and cholesterol. In actual fact, neither are fine because they require drugs to keep them fine. They are within “healthy” ranges because it’s controlled by drugs.



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