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You’re Bored, Not Hungry! Why we eat when bored and how to stop doing it

Trainer: “Why did you eat that?”

Client: “I don’t know really, just because….”

Trainer: “Were you hungry?”

Client: “No, just bored I think”


Have you ever noticed that you eat when you have nothing else to do? Or you are trying to procrastinate from work…? We all have been known to do it, we eat when we’re bored.

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Your TV Is Making You Fat – 9 Activities You Can Do Instead Of Watching TV

Over the last couple of weeks I have told you that sleep is vitally important, and just as a reminder those sleeping around 6 hours a night are more likely to be obese or overweight than those getting a solid 9 hours a night.


Now lets move on to one of the reasons we don’t get that good night sleep…..our TV’s.


Oh and by the way, I have a challenge at the end of this post, so read through and let me know if you want in.


Before I start I must provide you with a warning…



If you actually implement what I talk about here, you may get fitter, lose weight, become healthier. You will become a better person. You may even become a better parent, partner or friend. Heck, you may even learn something new that could help you in your career. So I warn you, only continue to read this article if you want to better yourself. If you are not interested in bettering yourself, then stop now, this is not for you.


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Tips on Getting Better Sleep: Part 2 – Effects of Caffeine on Sleep

Last week we started the discussion on how to get better sleep. We talked about how your phone, tablets and other electronic devices could have been affecting your sleep. If you missed that post check it out here – Part 1 – Getting Better Sleep


This week I will be talking about the effects of caffeine on sleep.


How does caffeine stop you from getting better sleep?

We as a nation tend to drink a lot of caffeine, whether it be in tea, coffee, or in energy drinks. Caffeine is a stimulant and is disruptive to our sleep. I mean we drink it to help us wake up and feel alert, therefore drinking it before you go to sleep is a no no.


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Tips On How To Get Better Sleep: Part 1: Your Phone Is Stopping You Sleeping

One of the things I have been talking with clients about recently is making sure they are getting enough sleep, and good quality sleep.


But  what do I mean by getting better sleep? What is enough sleep and what do I mean by good quality sleep?


For everyone sleep is absolutely vital. It is the time we recover and rejuvenate. If you are on any health, fitness, or weight loss journey right now, then if you are not getting enough sleep, it could be hampering your results.


You don’t get the health benefits in the gym, you get them when you recover, when you are sleeping.


Good quality sleep, better sleep, is the deep sleep, this is the time that the body goes into all out recovery mode. The more deep sleep you get, the more recovering your body does.


I started writing this post, and it began to turn into a huge post, so I decided to break it down into smaller parts, and give you just 1 or 2 things to work on each week.


This week…….


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