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(Part 3 of 4) Getting A Beach Body – Mindset

From my first blog in this series, you should have learnt the tweaks we need to make for our diets when thinking about what nutrients we need and most importantly how much of them. You should also know that cardio is not the only solution to getting toned! We must prioritise weight training like I told you in my last blog, to allow some muscle growth to show off those ripped muscles on the beach!

This blog is probably going to hit home because as we all know, anyone can think about doing these things and have all the intentions of doing them. But actually getting down to doing it is another thing!


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8 Things Women Should Own If Starting A Weight Loss Journey

Let me start by saying right now, do not delay starting a weight loss programme because you don’t have any of these things. They are not essential to you starting, I am just suggesting a few things that would help you on your way.   Do not use “I don’t have x so I can’t start yet” – that I am afraid is a load of crap!   Anyway….. so you have decided to start a weight loss programme and you want to know a few things that will help you.   Here are 8 things that I think really help you on your weight loss journey.

1) TrainersIMG_2080 (800x600)

A good pair of trainers is essential for your comfort when out walking, running and in the gym. I personally think the brighter the colour the better, and I think quite a few of our clients would agree haha.   Go and find yourself a decent pair of trainers. Find a pair that are comfy for you. They have to look good too, it helps inspire you to put them on and actually use them.IMG_2085 (800x600) Avoid any of the “unstable” trainers that promise you a beautiful looking backside in 30 days – these things are no good, and will probably lead to a bad back in no time at all. Just a standard pair of trainers will be fine. I always recommend trying trainers on – but check  out Pro-Direct Running for some ideas –

2) Good workout gear1415240372416

Like with the trainers, go and find yourself some nice, comfortable workout gear. If it looks crap you are not going to want to put it on. Get some nice tops and trousers and again, they will more likely inspire you to put them on and get out there. Go check out Swetty Betty, LuLu Lemon, Nike, Adidas.   Again, check out Pro-Direct Running for some ideas –

3) FitBit activity trackerFitbit_trio

One of my favourite accountability tools is the FitBit active tracker. Set yourself a goal of 10,000 steps a day and you can see how many you do. That is just the basic function, now some of the fitbit devices have heart rate monitors, gps and more. You can compare yourself to other people you know who have a device.

Discover The 5 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight

And How You can Avoid Them

5 Biggest Misstakes ebook cover

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4) Body Fat Scales71Xxo8qi72L__SL1500_

As I am recommending the FitBit activity tracker, it would seem silly if I didn’t recommend the scales that go with them 🙂 There are however loads out there, so go and check them out.

5) Tape Measuretight-tape-measure-gut

One of the best ways to measure your improvements is you chest, waist, hips and thigh measurements. You want to fit into a size 10 instead of the size 16’s your wearing now – that comes down to the measurements. So lets make sure we know what our numbers are.

6) Food Diary/NotepadFood Diary

Another fantastic accountability tool – and actually there is this function with FitBit and other apps on your phone, is the food diary. However saying that, I do think writing it down has a bigger effect. It causes you to really think and review your day. Just write down EVERYTHING that you eat and drink each day. I would also add in the activity you do as well. This is a fantastic tool and one that we require all our clients to do.

7) Exercise mat

If you are wanting to exercise at home, then this really is the basic bit of kit that you need.exercise matt It is another trigger for your mind and once it’s out, the space is now a workout space, not your living room. It will help get you focused on the task at hand. Also, and quite importantly, it will stop you from hurting your back, knees etc when on the ground.   In the next few weeks we will do a post on kit that you can grab to create a great home workout space. So keep your eyes peeled for this!

8) A NutriBullet – or other smoothie maker9874650_orig

For those who struggle to eat breakfast, or “don’t have the time”, this would be great for you. In fact it’s great for everyone! You can make smoothies, soups, fresh sauces, all kinds of things to make sure you are eating better. “I can’t eat vegetables for breakfast” – Yes you can, lob some spinach in the smoothie with some fruit and BOOM you have a portion of veg at breakfast.


Note… If you are starting out on a weight loss journey, then make sure you download our FREE pdf, “Discover The 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Lose Weight” – see below

Discover The 5 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight

And How You can Avoid Them

5 Biggest Misstakes ebook cover

Click here to download the FREE pdf

  If you have any other things that you feel should be on the list then just leave us a comment below, we would love to hear what you have found to be really useful on your fitness and weight loss journey.

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Quick & Easy Breakfasts With The Nutri Bullet

At our client evening a couple of weeks ago, I showed that TIME was not a reason to not have breakfast. I made a breakfast smoothie in around 2 minutes, and even this was at a leisurely pace.

If you have been following us on facebook, you will have seen a few of the recipes that I personally like, but there all kinds of different combinations of fruit and veg that you can try.

We are always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who skip breakfasts have a lower metabolism and burn less calories throughout the day.

Don’t be that person who skips breakfast.


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