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(Part 3 of 4) Getting A Beach Body – Mindset

From my first blog in this series, you should have learnt the tweaks we need to make for our diets when thinking about what nutrients we need and most importantly how much of them. You should also know that cardio is not the only solution to getting toned! We must prioritise weight training like I told you in my last blog, to allow some muscle growth to show off those ripped muscles on the beach!

This blog is probably going to hit home because as we all know, anyone can think about doing these things and have all the intentions of doing them. But actually getting down to doing it is another thing!


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The Complete Guide To Losing Fat, Having More Energy, And Generally Being A Super Mum!

A short time ago a lady came into the studio and said that she needed to lose her baby weight. Her baby was now 5. She smiled because she knew that it wasn’t baby weight any more, she had just never lost any of the weight after her pregnancy, in fact she had put more on.


She was tired all the time, with no energy to run around with her 2 boys, let alone try and do everything else she needed to. She felt that she wasn’t being the best role model to her kids, she wasn’t active and didn’t eat well, but was trying to get her children to eat healthily. She didn’t feel comfortable in any of her clothes, refused to go and buy the next size up and simply didn’t feel comfortable in herself. She tended to avoid social situations because of this. She had stopped doing the things she enjoyed doing because she didn’t feel good about herself. And she had had enough, it was time to sort that out.


This is a story I hear over and over again.


Ladies who have put everyone else first for so long, that they have got to the stage, where they’re actually at breaking point. They haven’t looked after themselves, so they can’t do as good a job as they would like, of helping everyone else.


You have to look after you! I cannot stress this enough!


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Why Wearing These T-Shirts Will STOP You From Losing Weight


Can what you wear really affect your fitness and weight loss results?

You bet it can!


As a fitness expert and trainer I work with a load of people, all of whom are different shapes and sizes, all of whom are trying to achieve different goals.  Some are elite athletes trying to squeeze out the extra 0.1%, or they are busy executives trying to get control of their stressful lives.  Others are overworked, tired mums running their households and attempting to carve out time to get their own weight loss and fitness goals on track.



However, no matter who I’ve worked with or the type of lives that they have, there is one thing that holds true for every single person – their MINDSET is key to their success.   That holds true for you too.  If you believe you can achieve the goal, you will do it; if you don’t then you won’t.


I know you’re thinking, “Yes, Chris, I get that, but you started this blog post mentioning my clothes! So what’s that about?”


Well let me explain…


Every now and again, a lady books a consultation with me all excited, full of energy, ready to go and hit her goals.  Let’s say she has 3 stone (42lbs) to lose.


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One Thing You Must Do To Ensure Weight Loss Success

Why is it that some people who go on a weight loss journey, smash their goals and seemingly within weeks are looking great; have lost inches all over, are healthier and have more energy. Whilst others, even after months and months of trying are still stuck and not any further forward than when they started?


Georgie and I were discussing this in the gym yesterday and instead of writing it, I told her to pick up the camera and just start filming and I would talk to you. So here it is….


Apologies for Georgies’ shaky hands, but as I said it was a bit of a spur of the moment type thing and you should just be listening to the content anyway – super important!!


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Never Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts Again….EVER!

“I want to change but I just keep failing”


Before you start, I just want to say that this might be the most important post I have ever written.


I also don’t know where you are right now with your health, fitness, weight etc, but I do know that EVERYONE can learn from this post.


So often we hear that people are totally committed to changing, they really want to lose weight, or get fit, or stop smoking. But they just keep sabotaging their own efforts.


They have tried everything and failed, repeatedly.


It’s super frustrating for them and they don’t know why they do it.


Well let me tell you, if this sounds like you, then quite simply, your mind is associating more pain with changing, than staying in the same routine.


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