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Should Women in Their 50s (and older) Be Lifting Weights?

I was asked the other day by a client, “As a woman in my fifties should I really be lifting weights? All I want to do is lose a few pounds to feel better. So shouldn’t I just be doing cardio?”


That client isn’t alone in being baffled by her workout.  It’s amazing just how many of us are doing exercises, and we don’t really know why.  Sure, we all have the idea that being active is good for us (mainly because someone else told us, or we read it in numerous magazines). We know too that when we want to lose a few extra pounds, we need to do that extra run.  Yet many of us are kind of clueless to the long-term benefits of physical activity and why it’s important for us to keep it up in the many years to come.


So why is it important?


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