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(Part 3 of 4) Getting A Beach Body – Mindset

From my first blog in this series, you should have learnt the tweaks we need to make for our diets when thinking about what nutrients we need and most importantly how much of them. You should also know that cardio is not the only solution to getting toned! We must prioritise weight training like I told you in my last blog, to allow some muscle growth to show off those ripped muscles on the beach!

This blog is probably going to hit home because as we all know, anyone can think about doing these things and have all the intentions of doing them. But actually getting down to doing it is another thing!


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Are you struggling with portion size?

Are you sat at home or at the office right now wondering if a thumb size dollop of peanut butter is way too much or if a whole tub isn’t enough? Maybe, you think a chicken wing is way too much or a whole chicken isn’t enough. I think you get the idea…


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10 Healthy Food Swaps

Empty calories, what am I talking about here? This is a term given to foods that hold no real amounts of essential vitamins or nutrients but have high amounts of sugar. Allowing too many ‘empty calories’ can cause you to waste your dedicated calorie allowance and will then have to sacrifice the better foods.


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