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6 Exercises To Burn Fat Quickly

Have you ever been stood in the gym staring at 1000’s of different pieces of equipment wondering what on earth the are used for? Maybe you’re a little embarrassed to ask someone for help? So you find refuge on a treadmill or exercise bike? But then get frustrated that you aren’t getting the results you want? It’s okay we have all been there. If that’s you, then I’m going to show you 6 great exercises to help get over those fears of not knowing what to do and more importantly get you the results you want.  


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5 Essential Exercises for the Busy Woman

Whether you’re a full-time worker pulling long hours in the office, a busy mom looking after your family 24/7, or a whirlwind combination of both, chances are that workouts at the gym have been jostled way off the no. 1 spot of your priority list.


However, while time is always an issue for a busy mom or professional, it’s still important to get in even 30 minutes of training, if you’re serious about losing weight and getting fit.


So, with that in mind, here are 5 essential exercises you can do at the gym to maximise your workout, in as short amount of time as possible:


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