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6 Exercises To Burn Fat Quickly

Have you ever been stood in the gym staring at 1000’s of different pieces of equipment wondering what on earth the are used for? Maybe you’re a little embarrassed to ask someone for help? So you find refuge on a treadmill or exercise bike? But then get frustrated that you aren’t getting the results you want? It’s okay we have all been there. If that’s you, then I’m going to show you 6 great exercises to help get over those fears of not knowing what to do and more importantly get you the results you want.  


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7 Fitness Myths Corrected For You

There are so many fitness myths out there that people always seem to believe and I want to combat those beliefs in this post.  Most fitness myths have been out there for so long nobody will ever question why or if they are actually true because it’s ingrained upon us but so many of the myths just aren’t true! So here are my top 7 fitness myths that I want you to stop believing asap. 



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You can’t ‘spot reduce’ fat

At Pursuit, we are often asked questions such as, “What are the best exercises for my belly and behind?” or, “Why can’t I lose the fat from my arms? What we’re really being asked about concerns a concept called ‘spot reduction’ – the idea that you can do certain exercises that will reduce the fat from one specific part of our body.

But here’s the hard facts, guys – you can’t actually, ‘spot reduce’ fat.  Sorry.

I know, I know.  For years, we’ve been told that if we just concentrate crunching our abdominal region, we’ll get washboard abs. Or if, say, we’re pretty happy with our weight but would like to lose the bat-wing arms, we can just target those every time we work out.

But it just doesn’t work like that. You can’t control where you lose fat first, and, in fact, certain exercises that you might swear blind will beat back the bulge in your belly or your thighs or wherever you want, can actually be making it harder for you to achieve your weight loss goals!

Don’t believe me? READ ON!



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4 Exercises For Tight, Toned Arms From Your Esher Personal Trainer

Do you want tight, toned, arms? Arms that you are proud to show off? Arm’s that you don’t feel you have to hide underneath long shirts and jumpers…even in the summer? If you want to get rid of those bingo wings once and for all….


Then here are 4 exercises that you need to incorporate into your workouts right now! Beautifully demonstrated by one of our personal trainers, Antony.


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5 Top Exercises For Weight Loss

We are always asked, “What exercises should I be doing to lose weight?”

So I thought I would write a short post and tell you 5 of the top exercises for weight loss 🙂

People often have areas of the body they want to target, usually the stomach, arms and many other areas.

Over the years we have had it drummed into us, that if you want a flat stomach you must do thousands of sit ups. This is just not the truth. This is an ineffective way of trying to reach your goal.

So how do we get the most bang for our buck when training to lose weight?

We want exercises that burn the most calories, and help increase our metabolism in the long term. So what are they….


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