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(Part 3 of 4) Getting A Beach Body – Mindset

From my first blog in this series, you should have learnt the tweaks we need to make for our diets when thinking about what nutrients we need and most importantly how much of them. You should also know that cardio is not the only solution to getting toned! We must prioritise weight training like I told you in my last blog, to allow some muscle growth to show off those ripped muscles on the beach!

This blog is probably going to hit home because as we all know, anyone can think about doing these things and have all the intentions of doing them. But actually getting down to doing it is another thing!


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Step-tember Challenge

In August we had a brilliant challenge set in the studio and amongst clients. As you can see our personal trainer, Antony, was very pleased with his winning time 🙂 We had some incredible efforts from our clients, so well done to everyone who took part.


photo (5)


Now what we wanted to do was get a challenge that everyone could get involved in.


A challenge that could help everyone no matter who are get fitter, lose a bit of weight and be a healthier person.


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Weight Loss Success Away From The Gym

Hey hey hey


Alright so today, I wanted to talk about being successful on your weight loss and fitness journey.


People think that by doing a couple workouts a week that should be enough to help them do a total body transformation and change their lives for ever in a couple months.


I am afraid that is not the case. I have to be honest here.


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