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An incredibly motivating, fun, social experience, and still with the personalised programmes. This is our semi-private personal training programme.

What is Semi-Private Personal Training in Esher?

We developed the semi-private personal training programme because it allows you to achieve the best results possible, in a fantastic environment. Working out with others, in a small group (max 4 people) creates an incredibly motivating atmosphere. You get levels of support that you have not experienced before, coming from people just like you. What better way to lose weight, tone up, and reach higher levels of fitness.

As always our focus is on results. We want to make sure you are successful and this is a fantastic way to do it.

Why do semi-private personal training?

For exactly the same reasons that you may want to do personal training. People come to us for many reasons, for example if you…

  • Look in the mirror, and not like, or even hate, what you see looking back?
  • Find that none of your clothes seem to fit anymore?
  • Feel uncomfortable in your own skin?
  • Lack confidence?
  • Look at old pictures and think “I look great there, where did it go wrong”?
  • Have “flabby” bits, that you just want to get rid of?
  • Feel tired and slow?
  • Lack energy?
Small Group Training in Esher
Small Group Training in Surrey

Have you attempted to get fit, and lose weight by starting an exercise programme but just never been able to be successful. For some reason, you stop, or give up , get frustrated with the lack of results.

If you have TRIED EVERYTHING, but nothing has really worked.

Then the semi-private personal training could be a great programme for you.

How does semi-private differ to personal training?

The only difference is that your workouts will be in a small group. Other than that, the programmes are the same, you still get your own programme, you still get all the same tools, and same access to coaches.

We find that people thrive in this environment, with the social aspect, and increased levels of motivation. Pushing yourself further and challenging yourself.

100% Results Guarantee

Like all our programmes, you have 12 weeks, get results or get your money back.

What will you get out of Semi-Private Personal Training in Esher with PFT?


Without a doubt, we are in the results business, and ultimately that is what is important. Personal training in Esher, with Pursuit Fitness Training, guarantees your success.

We include EVERYTHING that is required for success.
Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, Support, Motivation, Accountability.

We are a private personal training studio, so the added benefits include, no busy times, no waiting for equipment, no intimidating people, no egos – just a fun, enjoyable environment where you get results.

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**Results will vary on an individual basis, specific results are not guaranteed.

Smita Testimonial in Esher

Meet Smita

I have got a whole new wardrobe… my old one

All because of the support, guidance and accountability that the team at PFT provide you with. I was one of those people who used “no time” as my excuse. Now I find time to workout 4 or 5 times a week. My mindset has completely changed. **Results will vary on an individual basis, specific results are not guaranteed.


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