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Hey there,

We are always looking for companies and products that will add value to what we do here at Pursuit. Companies that match our philosophy of health and wellness, and that have something that can benefit you, our friends and clients.

These are all products or companies that we recommend, that will help you achieve your goals.

Nutritional Supplements

Ensuring you have the best supplements and right levels of vitamins and minerals is essential to your health and wellness. Here are the companies and supplements we recommend.


Super Food Supplement

Athletic Greens – is by far my favourite super greens supplement, and I have teamed up with them, so that you guys can get 50% off your first order! Which is awesome!


Whey Proteins & So Much More!

Optimum Nutrition provide some of the best options for whey protein, recovery products, weight loss and strength building products.

We recommend a whey protein in our meal plans and we highly recommend the whey protein from these guys.


A big problem for a lot of people is knowing what to eat, or thinking that eating healthily is boring. Well that quite simply is not true.

7 Day Body Transformation Meal Plan

7 Day Meal Plan

This is one of our products, actually to be totally truthful it is a part of one of our programmes. We have a 21 day programme only available to our clients and members. So I have taken the first 7 days, which includes your full meal plan for a week, with your shopping list and recipes. You can get all of that for just £7!! Ladies, click here. Guys, your’s is coming soon.


Recipes & ingredients to your door

Can’t cook? Don’t know where to begin? Want some inspiration for new healthy recipes? Welcome Hello Fresh into your home. They create the recipes, send you the ingredients (with instructions), and then you make your meals. You can choose the amount of meals you want.

Abel & Cole

Great food delivered to your door

Want great food? Don’t want to spend hours wondering around the supermarket every month? Just think instead of being at the supermarket you could be out running, or doing a workout. Abel & Cole, provide amazing food, meats, vegetables, fruits, and deliver straight to your door.

Cool Gadgets



Activity Tracker

The FitBit is my favourite activity tracker. Being held accountable to the amount of steps you do each day is very powerful.

Your investment in a FitBit ranges from £50-£200. My favourite is the Charge HR (the one in the pic) which is around £100-£120 – check them out on Amazon here –>


The smoothie maker of all smoothie makers

We are always telling people to go green, eat more greens. Its important to alkalise your diet. One great way is making sure that you get a bunch of greens each morning by making a super smoothie.

Check out the Nutribullet, also they have a couple of great recipe books as well.

Clothing/Sports Wear

As I have said in several blog posts, what you wear most definitely affects your mindset. Also I just like cool looking clothing and trainers, the brighter the better.


Just Do It

I am not going to lie, I am huge fan of Nike. I just love the brand, its all about striving for greatness, being better today than you were yesterday. So go grab yourself a bright pair of trainers, and some nice workout gear.

LuLu Lemon Athletic

Great men & women's sports clothing

Great workout gear for both men and women. I love their stuff. Go check it out now.

Gym Equipment

You don’t need equipment to get fit and healthy. However, having equipment does allow some variety in your workouts, and allows you to hit areas of the body that you may not be able to without equipment.

Fitness Superstore

Home Workout Equipment

You can pretty much all the equipment you would ever need, at ridiculously good prices from the guys at Fitness Superstore. New to this and not sure what you should get? Then check out this blog post – At Home Work Out Equipment for the Beginner.


Being relaxed, mentally and emotionally strong is key to your success. I am huge fan of meditation, taking 10 minutes out of my day to focus on my breathing, helping my body to recover.


Guided Meditation

I had no idea how to start, and I came across Headspace. Well it’s simply amazing. It’s a guided meditation app on your phone. You take 10 minutes out a day, and the guy talks you through what you do. The first 10 days is free so I 100% encourage you to check it out, and start now.


Going to events and being around other people who want to be better, who to take themselves up a level is soooo powerful. I always encourage people to be around other people who are trying to better themselves. Remember, you are an average of the 5 people who spend the most time with. Going to events is a great way to make sure you are around positive people.


Unleash The Power Within

Tony Robbins

Quite simply the best event I have ever been to. A truly life changing event. I will definitely be going again in 2016, and would love to have as many people as possible join me there.

I have written a post about my experience, check it out here…


Thinking about a holiday? Why would I put this on here? Well because a holiday is all about recovery right? And making sure the body and mind improves and is ready to attack whatever happens when we get back to the real world.

I want you to be able to relax but I would always encourage you to stay active on your holidays…

Virgin Atlantic Holidays

I recommend....

I would highly recommend The Body Holiday, St Lucia – its amazing. Go check it out.

Where would you like to fly away to?

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