Part 1: Eat More and Lose Weight


Have you ever been on a ‘diet’ and still been hungry? Are you sick of counting calories? Mmm, I thought so! Have you ever thought that eating more can actually help you lose more weight? Didn’t think so.


However, the truth is it can.  Most people who need to shift some pounds start out by following the classic prescription for weight loss – eat less, move more.  While in theory this makes sense, the problem with many folk is, they don’t realise that the ‘eat less’ part refers to particular types of food – junk, mainly.


So instead, they just start cutting out all types of food.  They feel virtuous by sitting down to a breakfast of green tea and half a grapefruit but by lunchtime they’re not feeling smug any more – they’re feeling starved!





Recognise this? Yep, this is when the biscuit tin becomes your worst enemy.  No matter where it is in the office, you can picture it in your mind’s eye. You can see the half-opened packet of perfect tea-dunking Custard Creams and almost taste the delicious chocolatey-ness of the Hobnobs. You avoid it at lunchtime, trying to convince yourself your limp lettuce and tomatoes on rye crackers is more than enough to see you through the day. But by 3.30pm you’re making so many excuses to pass the biscuit tin, people start to wonder if you have a crush on someone at a desk near the kitchen!


Eventually, by 4pm, you can’t resist any longer.  You’ve only an hour to go before clocking off, so you’ll just have the one to keep you going ‘til you get home for another plate of green salad.


One will hardly harm your diet, right?



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The problem is that you’ve now sent your hormones into overdrive. You’re feeling more alert because your insulin levels have spiked. As your pancreas continues pumping out more insulin this blocks the production of leptin, the ‘hunger hormone’ that tells your brain you’re full. The higher your insulin levels, the hungrier you will feel.  As your quick and dirty high subsides, you also start to feel exhausted. So, what do you do? Reach for another biscuit, of course! By the time you’re shrugging on your coat to go home you’ve finished off the pack of Hobnobs and a couple of Custard Creams to boot.


Feeling wracked with guilt you decide not to have any dinner when you get home and only a quarter grapefruit for breakfast the next morning.  And so begins the vicious cycle again.


So how does eating more sound?

If, instead of eating less at your main meals you chow down on more healthy foods – protein, fibre-rich veggies, whole grains and good fats, etc – you’ll feel so sated you won’t end up eyeing the biscuit tin mid-afternoon.  You see, you can be on a diet and feel full after a meal!


By eating more of the good stuff you may also begin to lose a taste for the bad stuff – i.e. sugar, trans fats and processed carbs such as white bread and cakes.  This often starts to happen as your dietary intake changes.


Eating ‘more’ will stop you feeling hungry all the time and before you know it, the idea of eating a packet of chocolate Hobnobs will have you feeling sick, not reaching for the biscuit tin!


So what should you eat then?

In part 2 (out next week), Mike will be explaining to you, and showing you an example day of what you can eat, and believe me, if you eat the right things you can eat quite a lot of food and still be under your calorie budget.


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