Michelle Obama’s Secret’s To Weight Loss Revealed


Michelle Obama is a mum of 2, accomplished lawyer and writer, she drives initiatives that focus on obesity and education, I think we would all agree she is pretty awesome, oh also she is 52…. And looks incredible!! She is also married to some guy who is apparently pretty important?


Anyway, what are her secrets?


Exercise… every day!

So what does her routine look like and what exercises is she doing? Check it out here…


You can see that she incorporates:


Cardio → She is using skipping in the video, and look at those skipping skills!

Resistance → Weights, and those are decent weights too! You have to challenge your body!


When challenged to a push up competition on TV she smashes out 25 full press ups and could keep going……

In the interview with Ellen, she mentions that she works out for an hour and half each day. Which may have had you immediately switch off.. because, well… not many people have the time to work out for an hour and half each day.


Actually let me re-phrase that…. Everyone has the same amount of time, they just choose to spend it on other things right?


But actually she probably doesn’t need to spend that long working out. In fact you can get incredible results in just 20-30 minutes of exercise.


So if you want great arms like Michelle, or want more energy for the day, want to reduce your levels of stress, and be better able to deal with the crap that life throws at you on a day to day basis, then factor in 20 minutes of exercise each day.


I would recommend getting a variety of…

  • Resistance training → E.g. Lifting weights
  • Cardiovascular training → E.g. Boxing, running, swimming
  • Flexibility → Starting a yoga class would be great for this


Small Changes Are The Secret To Long Term Success

In an interview, she talks about how small manageable changes were the secret to her changing the nutritional and exercise habits of her family. Small changes that led to massive results in the long term. Such as reducing sugar, going outside more, increasing the levels of exercise slowly.


If you go from doing nothing, to trying to do 7 workouts a week of 1.5 hours, eating perfectly and not allowing yourself any treats… you may keep it up for a week, but very quickly it will become too hard. It’s unsustainable.


Bring in one or two things at a time, small things, and focus on getting those things to become a habit. Then bring in the next thing. Over the course of a year, you can change your whole routine and be living a healthy life.


Nutrition Is Key, But Find A Balance

Michelle admits to loving fast food, but says it’s all about finding a balance. It’s about eating healthily most of the time, but allowing yourself a piece of cake, or cheat meal here and there.


The problem is most people currently have treats daily. If you are having it everyday it’s not so much a treat as it is just part of your daily routine.


You have to fuel your body correctly, if you want energy, if you want to lose weight, if you want to reduce your stress levels it all comes down to putting the right fuel in your body.


Yes sugary foods will increase your stress levels!


A good place to start would be to implement 1 of these key guidelines over the next week:

  • Reduce the sugary foods → The most obvious ones being chocolates, sweets, deserts with every meal out, but also those foods with hidden sugars like cereal and granola.
  • Reduce levels of alcohol → If you’re someone who likes a glass (or 2) a night, set yourself a limit of 2 nights per week where you can have 1 glass each night, this way you’ll enjoy it much more and you’ll notice you’re feeling much better for it.
  • Eat more vegetables → Aim for 3 portions per day.
  • Drink between 2-4L of water a day


P.s. Whichever looks the hardest is probably the one you should really start with!

Don’t Use Weight As The Goal

Michelle Obama talks about why she doesn’t talk about weight as a measurement, she says it’s the wrong thing for people to focus on.


She recommends focusing on the things they can do to be healthy. For example, the goal should be to exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days of the week. That’s a goal you have direct control of and actually the weight will come off as a result of focusing on these other goals that you have control of. Does that make sense?


If you are focusing purely on your weight and one week your weight doesn’t go down, you can feel disappointed and put off working out. Sound familiar? But weight rarely comes off consistently and as fast as you would like it to. If you continue to challenge your body and workout for 30 mins, 5 days a week, then over time the weight will come off.


So if you want to take control of your health, have more energy, reduce your stress, maybe lose a few pounds, then take guidance from Michelle Obama and get exercise into your daily routine and fuel your body with the right nutrients to turn you into a fat burning machine.


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