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I love my health and fitness, and I love a challenge, put them together and that’s an ideal combination for me.

I love my health and fitness, and I love a challenge, put them together and that’s an ideal combination for me.

As a kid all I did was run around playing sports, even ones which wern’t considered cool by everyone at school yet. I played football and rugby, but then also did skateboarding, bmx, surfing (a personal favourite), pretty much anything. If I sucked at it, I wanted to get better. In the last few years skiing has come into my life, and wow do I love that.

Chris's Adventure

At age 14 I decided i was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, Africa. Aged 15 I accomplished that goal. That was one of the most amazing trips I have been on, what an experience. While out there I helped build classrooms for a school, played football with the school children, generally just interacted as much as I could.

I am a Coach

I studied Sports & Exercise Science at the University of Leeds, and took extra courses in Football Coaching and Fitness Training. I have coached various football teams in Surrey, and worked for Chelsea FC in the Community scheme working with aspiring youngsters both male and female. I went out to the USA to coach “soccer” all up and down the East coast, and this was another amazing experience, working with some great youngsters and meeting some great people.

While I was out there I even tried my hand at baseball…see I told you I would try anything haha. By the way the speed the balls came out of that machine I am pretty sure in the pic the ball has already gone past me!

However, I felt that tactical coaching of a sport wasn’t quite where I wanted to be, so I moved the the physical sides of things. Improving a persons physical attributes can literally change their life, can improve their health, fitness, sports performance and more.

I had been working in gyms since qualifying as a gym instructor (since I started studying at uni) and this then fueled the fire to help more people with their health and fitness goals. Hence PFT was born.

As you can see, everything I have done revolves around getting the absolute most out of an individual, whether that be a football player or a client wanting to lose weight.

I am a researcher

When a client hits a plateau, or asks me a question I cant answer, I will find the answer. When I realised that a lot of people going into fitness training were breaking, getting injured, and stopping their progress I had to find an answer. This is where Biomechanics Coaching came in. After taking the course, I was asked to become a tutor for ITS, the provider of the course, and I taught personal trainers, physiotherapists, sports coaches and more, how to utilise the Biomechanics Coaching programme in their fields. Once again I was helping people get the most out of what they were doing. I no longer work as a tutor for ITS, however the Biomechanics Coaching programme will always play a massive part in our programmes.

I am currently studying towards a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning, again, I wanted to find more information on how to improve performance of my clients. This has involved weight lifting, corrective exercise, working with female athletes, and so much more.

I like to travel

On top of all this, I do like to travel, and haven’t done enough recently. I have visited Australia, New Zealand (one of the best places ever), Singapore, Tanzania, USA (quite a bit), and lots more. I am not one to shy away from a challenge thats for sure, and so when presented with the opportunity of a sky dive over Lake Taupo,NZ, and bungy jump in Queenstown,NZ, I was not going to turn it down…


The main theme that becomes apparent is that I really enjoy getting the absolute most out of people, helping people achieve things that they perhaps didn’t think they could.


Anyway thats enough from me,

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals

All the best,


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