How To Set Yourself Up For Weight Loss Success Before 9am


3 Things You Should Do Every Morning To Help You Lose Weight

Today I am going to explain to you how you can set yourself up for weight loss success, before 9am each morning. This part of the day is key if you want to lose weight. If your metabolism is low and you don’t change that then you won’t be burning fat throughout the day. If however, you do a few things to boost your metabolism in the morning, you will then set your body up to being a fat burning machine.


1) Workout or do a 10 Min Metabolism Booster

Get up and get your workout done…simple.


No more I don’t have the time to workout – just get up early (you can go to bed earlier) and get your workout done. Whether it be a gym session, or jog; get up and get it done. Your workout will set your metabolism on fire from the outset and will keep burning for hours.


If you convince yourself that you just cannot do your full workout in the morning, but you can do it at another point of the day, that’s fine. But, I recommend you do a 10 minute metabolism booster session.


What’s involved in a 10 Minute Metabolism Booster?

Get up and do this sequence, it will not only wake you up, get blood flowing round the body and oxygen to the brain, but it will boost that metabolism.


Jumping Jacks – 30 secs

Squats – 30 secs

Press Ups – 30 secs

Lunges – 30 secs

Mountain Climbers – 30 secs


Complete that circuit 4 times and set your metabolism on fire!!

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2) Lemon in water

Start your day with lemon squeezed into your water. You can put it in cold or warm water. So if you are used to switching on the kettle and having a cup of coffee when you first get up, replace it with lemon water.


To make sure you are keeping your body in its optimal state, you need to have an alkali based diet. Things like coffee, tea, sugar, milk, create a very acidic environment in the body, which actually causes the body to retain or even put on weight.


Chances are you are also dehydrated… How much water do you really drink on a day to day basis?


The lemon in the water helps create an alkali environment in the body, plus you are getting water to improve your hydration levels.


This alone could make a big difference to how you feel.


3) Protein breakfast

A lot of women we speak to when they first come in either are not having breakfast at all, or are eating cereal or cereal breakfast bars.


First of all no breakfast is the worst here. This means your metabolism stays low and then you will be reaching for biscuits and a cup of tea with sugar by 10am. That’s if you haven’t already had your Starbucks latte and muffin.


But having a high sugar breakfast in the form of cereals or breakfast bars is not much better. Eating these for breakfast will again leave you feeling hungry very quickly.


So what should you have for breakfast?


Well you need to have protein, some essential fats and and some vegetables. So what does that look like?


Pick from the following…



e.g., Eggs, bacon, fish (great as it gets some essential oils in there too).

Use coconut oil to cook any of these and get some essential fats into the body that way too. (You can see Mike’s post on which oils to use when cooking for weight loss, just click here)



e.g., Avocado (full of awesome essential fats), tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach.

This will not only boost your metabolism in the morning, but will keep you fuller for longer. You are giving your body the fuel it needs.



Implement all 3 of these things and set yourself up for weight loss success before 9am.


Don’t just read this and think, “that sounds nice, I should probably do those things”, that wont get you anywhere. Actually go and implement all 3 of those things right now! Do them everyday for at least 21 days to start making them habit.



If you would like to lose weight, get fit, lose some inches and would like to find out if our programmes are a good fit for you, then click here to request a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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5 Biggest Misstakes ebook cover

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Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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