How to keep the pounds off over Christmas!


Now what I’m telling you guys is classified information and is a top secret training tip!

You ready…?

Eat just as you would normally….

Incredible I know right?

It’s amazing that every year I hear the same thing in January ‘’If only I didn’t eat or drink half the stuff I did’’ or my favourite ‘’I’ve gained 4kgs and I don’t know how it happened!’’

Let me tell you it isn’t Christmas magic! It’s all to do with getting caught up in the family peer pressure.

As I mentioned earlier eating as you would normally would, will ensure you can keep on track with your results. I’m not suggesting you cannot have fun because we all will be having a few naughty drinks and eating a few naughty things, but moderation is key!

The average Brit will consume 7000 kcal on Christmas day! 7000 CALORIES!!! That is astonishing! That means if you are generally eating 2000 calories that is a 250% increase in calories! The average weight gain over Christmas is 8-9 pounds. That’s roughly 4kgs.

Now we have got the hard facts and truth out of the way let’s look at ways we can help limit the weight gain 🙂


Step number 1.


(Arguably the most important) is to log your food intake EVERYDAY into your food diary!


This is the exact reason why you guys have them. We want to be sure that the damage you make over the Christmas period is as minimal as possible through conscious eating. With logging your food we can implement something I call damage control. If we consume 4000 kcal on Christmas we can limit the amount of calories we consume on Christmas eve and boxing day! That way we can really have our cake AND EAT IT!!!

This will help you get over the fact you’ve had a little too much of indulgence and allow you to get over it so we can limit the week long binge that will definitely equate to the 4kg increase!



Number 2.


Try and limit the empty calories. What are empty calories? Well they would be things that are either very high in sugar or high in fat that carry very little nutrient density. Examples would be lots of orange juice, ice cream, biscuits and cakes and finally Alcohol! Yes a lot of this will be the ‘fun’ stuff but remember. If your goal is important to you, you will keep up the momentum and pull through! There is a lot of temptation around at christmas but you being stuck to your goals and staying motivated will be the best way to adhering to a relatively strict diet.


Number 3


Keeping up with your workouts. I find it amazing when people say they are too busy to workout but have time to sit around for 8 hours drinking and watching crap TV? Guys the queen’s speech isn’t that long! Get off your bum and do something!

Do a morning workout, go out for a run, take the whole family and go for a walk. Either way getting up and moving means you will burn some extra calories which will mean less guilt when you reach for that mince pie!



Number 4 


My final tip is to try and prepare the food massacre! Planning out snacks, meals and breakfasts will limit that christmas bulge DRAMATICALLY! If you plan it you’re more likely to do it! Planning protein snacks for the whole family, making healthy smoothies for snacks, planning bulk porridge or even healthy bacon/salmon and eggs?

All of this is will ensure you stay on track to your goals, and start the new year in even better shape, rather than 8 pounds heavier.

Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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