Healthy Recipe: Homemade Protein Snacks Bars


On the lookout for some healthy snacks that you can have to keep you going through the day? Well look no further, these home made protein snack bars are delicious. Here is a healthy recipe that we know you will love.



220g Banana

50g Nut Butter

2 Medium Eggs

1 Egg White

40g Porridge Oats

20g Ground Almonds

30g Flaxseed

50g Chocolate Flavoured Protein

30g Raisins

20g Dark Chocolate


Just a few minutes prep time, and 15 minutes in the oven and you are good to go!
Any questions leave us comment below πŸ™‚

Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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