Welcome to our Golf Fitness Conditioning Programme in Esher

We are proud to be the leading providers of golf fitness and conditioning in Esher, where we help people just like you, increase the distance they hit the ball, shave shots off the rounds and play pain free.

All ages and abilities of golfer’s come to work with us. From young up and coming professionals, to senior players, the average club member just trying to get their handicap down, to people who are unable to get round 18 holes without their back giving them so much grief that their round is effected.

Do you do want to...

  • Hit the ball further?
  • Be more consistent?
  • Add power to your swing?
  • Have confidence every time you stand up to the ball?
  • Be pain free?
  • Get rid of that niggling back pain?
  • Have enough energy to smash through 18 holes
  • Keep your concentration to the final putt?

Are you playing a lot, having lessons, practicing, but...

  • Still not improving?
  • Just physically can't do what your coach is telling you to do?
  • Hit the shortest drive compared to your playing partners?

In fact we often get people who have had loads of golf tuition and had some improvements. They practice, practice and practice some more and have TRIED EVERYTHING. They have read every edition of Todays Golder, got every new gadget and gizmo, and nothing has really worked.

I totally understand that you will be skeptical, and even worried, that this may be something else to add to that list.  That’s why we put a guarantee on our programme. We actually want you to be successful.

What will you get out of Golf Conditioning with our Performance Coach’s in Esher with PFT?

Increased Distance Off The Tee and Shaving Shots Off Your Round!

Without a doubt, we are in the results business, and ultimately that is what is important.

We include EVERYTHING that is required for golfing success.
Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, Support, Motivation, Accountability.

We are a private personal training studio, so the added benefits include, no busy times, no waiting for equipment, no intimidating people, no egos – just a fun, enjoyable environment where you get results.

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Drop shots off your golf score with this ultimate guide to your conditioning

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Meet Maggie Lowe

HCP 0 "I am hitting the ball at least 10-15 yards further"

The strength sessions, and the biomechanics sessions combined have worked wonders on my performance


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