The Complete Guide To Losing Fat, Having More Energy, And Generally Being A Super Mum!


A short time ago a lady came into the studio and said that she needed to lose her baby weight. Her baby was now 5. She smiled because she knew that it wasn’t baby weight any more, she had just never lost any of the weight after her pregnancy, in fact she had put more on.


She was tired all the time, with no energy to run around with her 2 boys, let alone try and do everything else she needed to. She felt that she wasn’t being the best role model to her kids, she wasn’t active and didn’t eat well, but was trying to get her children to eat healthily. She didn’t feel comfortable in any of her clothes, refused to go and buy the next size up and simply didn’t feel comfortable in herself. She tended to avoid social situations because of this. She had stopped doing the things she enjoyed doing because she didn’t feel good about herself. And she had had enough, it was time to sort that out.


This is a story I hear over and over again.


Ladies who have put everyone else first for so long, that they have got to the stage, where they’re actually at breaking point. They haven’t looked after themselves, so they can’t do as good a job as they would like, of helping everyone else.


You have to look after you! I cannot stress this enough!


So what can you do about it?

Well here I am going to give you a complete guide.


I am not saying it’s going to be easy, in fact it will be tough, but the results will totally be worth it.


Imagine the joy on your kid’s face when you can run around with them and their friends, and how proud they are because their mum comes and joins in.


You see, when you are fit and healthy, not only do you have more strength and energy to keep up with the kids (or continue beating them for just a bit longer), but results will start overlapping into other areas of your life. When you are fit and healthy, your mood improves, your stress decreases and even your relationships will improve too. You become more productive, more creative and you have more confidence.


Sounds good right? So what’s the plan…..

Step 1: Lift Weights 3 x A Week

Step 2: Intervals 2-3 x A Week

Step 3: Eat Well


Ok so you may have read that and thought,  “screw that, I don’t have time for that, I barely have time to tie my shoelaces!” And now you’re smiling because you’re like “What……? He just read my mind”.


I urge you to keep reading though. Why? Because ultimately you have time for whatever you feel is important. Right now you know you could be more productive at work, and knowing that exercise makes you more productive anyway, I am sure you could get all the same work done in 1 hour less each day. In fact, I know you could.


Or instead of staying up for the extra 2 and half hours watching tv, you go to bed, and get up 1 hour earlier, and do a quick workout in the morning. You just slept for an extra 1.5 hours and got in a workout!


There are many ways to fit this into your schedule, you just have to decide that it is important enough for you to do it.


Let me also add here, that you don’t have to go all out straight from the start. Just start building in time for you each day and make it a habit.


So let’s dive into the steps…


Step 1: Lift Weights 3 x Week



Benefits of lifting weights:

  • More effective fat loss – burning calories during and after the workout
  • As you build more lean muscle you become more effective at burning fat
  • Improves your quality of sleep
  • Improves your energy levels
  • Decreases risk of osteoporosis
  • And loads more….


What should you do?

With 3 workouts each week you can target all areas of the body. I know as a busy mum you want the exercises that are going to get the best results in the shortest amount of time right? So here are my favourites, just click each exercise to watch a video demonstration on our Youtube Channel…


For these exercises, you will need to either be a member of a gym, or have a room in your house set aside for a bar and some weights. For demonstrations on each of these exercises, head over to our YouTube Channel here –>


If you’re not a member of a gym and don’t want a room full of weights, then my favourite piece of equipment is a Kettlebell. The Kettlebell can be used for so many different exercises, it’s such a versatile piece of equipment and the Kettlebell swing might be one of my favourite exercises ever! 🙂


Here Antony shows you his Top 3 Exercises with the Kettlebell for Tight, Toned Legs:


Step 2: High Intensity Intervals

20 minutes is all you need a few times a week, and you could be dropping fat like crazy.


Lets keep it simple and choose running as the example.



Here is what you could do:

Warm Up

3 minutes light jogging

1 minute quick jog

30 seconds fast run (7-8/10)

30 seconds walk



20 seconds fast run/sprint (9/10)

60 seconds walk (2-3/10)


Repeat 6-10 times.


Cool Down

Walk for 3 minutes


Too hard? Have a longer rest.

Too easy? Reduce rest period.


But I promise you in 20 minutes you will a fat burning machine, and pretty wiped out!


Step 3: Eat (& drink) Better

Food and drink is a huge aspect to getting fit and having more energy. Being busy, you grab whatever you can, when you can, right?



The problem is, those quick decisions tend to be bad ones for your waistline. In fact, those decisions are often made almost unconsciously. They are habit! You’ll grab whatever is quickest and easiest at the time, right? Think of the morning school run where you stop and grab a vanilla latte (300 calories if made with whole milk) or the caffe mocha (396 calories if you have whole milk and cream). Then the lunches that have a glass of wine, the evenings when you are stressed and 3 more glasses of wine seem to disappear. You shared the bottle with your husband, but you can’t promise he had any of it. Does this sound like you?


Now I am not saying you can’t drink. I personally love a local ale or good glass of an Argentinian Malbec. It would be wrong of me to tell you that you can’t drink while I am out having a beer. However, one of the biggest issues I do come across is alcohol and the amount of it people drink. This is one area that if you were to reduce, or even better eliminate alcohol, you will huge results, with little effort and can get the biggest bang for your buck as it were.


This change can make HUGE differences in your energy, how you feel, your waistline etc. For several reasons…

1) The amount of calories seriously adds up! It’s no surprise you have gained a few pounds when you realise that 2 glasses of wine a day, equates to around 73 days worth of calories over the course of a year. (Even if your food is spot on, adding an extra 73 days worth of calories is going to lead to weight gain).


2) Alcohol stops your body from recovering. This means your energy is never going to be great, because you still haven’t recovered from the day before. In fact, women process alcohol much slower than men, so the physical effects are generally worse too.


3) It messes with your hormones. Alcohol increases the levels of oestrogen in your body which in turn, leads to weight gain, tiredness, trouble sleeping, mood swings and much more.


Going back to the lady from the start. She drank several glasses of wine each night. Why? She said it was her way of relaxing and winding down after her busy day. But in actual fact, it was just a habit. We figured out that as soon as she started cooking, she would open a bottle and have a glass by the time her husband came home, she then had a couple more with dinner and another one after. “It’s social and relaxing”, she said. But it was a habit!


In truth, you can relax in loads of ways and alcohol is not really one of them. In fact, alcohol stops your body from recovering, it stops the relaxation process. It may make you feel numb and put off pain, but it does not solve the problem. Alcohol should not be seen as a solution to a problem. If you are stressed, try various relaxation techniques, go play with your kids, just relax on the sofa, talk with your husband (that’s a scary one right). Turn off the TV. TV doesn’t equal relaxed either, think about how stressed you get watching your favourite drama, you practically feel the stress they are going through.



Water is involved in every chemical reaction in the body, if you don’t have enough of it, there is no hope that your body can work to its optimal levels. Grab a bottle, fill it up, and drink it throughout the day. You’ll want to aim to refill at 1L bottle, 2-3 times. In fact, why not start your morning with a glass of water. You are already slightly dehydrated, a small glass of water will be great to kick start the day.


When I asked the lady in this story how much she drank her answer was, “When I remember?”. Which turned out to be never, or very rarely! Running around after people all day, she relied on tea and coffee to keep her going, does that familiar?


Grab a bottle and carry it with you everywhere! Fill it up in the morning, take it with you in the car, on the dog walk, around the house, everywhere. Just by having a bottle of water with you, you are way more likely to actually drink and how easy is that to do?


What about food?

To put this as simply as I can, because I have just realised this is turning into a pretty monster post, you should eat protein, fats and carbohydrates (carbs). There is no special diet [shocker!]. Just a balanced diet.


Normally ladies come in with a general understanding of what they should be doing, or have even tried several “diets” in the past, but patterns do begin to appear. Normally, I see high levels of refined carbs such as; cereals, pastas and breads. Then snacks which were once a treat, are now a daily occurrence and often a couple of meals out, or takeaways as well. So it’s all well and good me telling you what’s not good, that’s not actually helping you, so here are 3 simple guidelines to follow when it comes to food.


My 3 Top Nutritional Guidelines:

1) Eat a good protein based breakfast.

Stop with the cereals; these are doing you no good. Throw 2 eggs in a pan, grill a couple of rashers of bacon and serve with some avocado and you are winning! Yes, you are allowed bacon for breakfast 😀


Having a high protein breakfast speeds up your metabolism and gets your body burning fat, right from the start of the day. Which we all want, right?


2) Always have snacks available

Have a  store of fresh fruit (not dried), nuts and seeds in your desk at work, or even some Greek yoghurt in the fridge. When you start feeling hungry, you can grab one of them, instead of the biscuits or cakes that are lying around. Or my personal favourite, again form the lady in the story, “I had 2 snack sized Mars bars”. Why? They are for the kids and in the cupboard, so I just grabbed them. Simple answer; don’t keep this stuff in the house! It’s not good for you, it’s not good for your kids either.


3) Plan Your Dinners

If you have no idea what you are having for dinner, then chances are, there is nothing in the fridge. Or when you open the fridge, it will be too much effort to figure out what you want and besides, you have had a long day, you are tired and you can’t really be bothered to cook. So in goes the pizza into the oven, or the Chinese takeaway is called (are they on speed dial?) and your immediately putting yourself at a loss.


By knowing what you are going to eat, you can make sure everything you need is already in the house, you are mentally prepared to go and cook it, all the decisions have already been made. It’s easy.


In summary, you have to look after yourself if you want to have the energy to look after everyone else as well. If you decide that you are important enough to dedicate time to, then I know you can do this! Get a plan in place to lift weights, set aside 20 minutes a few days a week to do some high intensity interval training, start planning your food, and maybe cut back on the wine a little 😉 . If you have read this far then I know you are serious about making a change, but now it’s time to action. Commit to a goal, commit to setting time aside each day for you and go make it happen! You Got This!


If you would like some help implementing all this into your lifestyle, then just request a free consultation with us and we can see if our programmes would be a good fit for you.

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Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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