Michelle Obama’s Secret’s To Weight Loss Revealed

Michelle Obama is a mum of 2, accomplished lawyer and writer, she drives initiatives that focus on obesity and education, I think we would all agree she is pretty awesome, oh also she is 52…. And looks incredible!! She is also married to some guy who is apparently pretty important?


Anyway, what are her secrets?


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2 Steps To Losing Weight Before Putting On Your Trainers

In this blog I will be getting the message across that it’s okay to have slip ups because human error is natural. But by having a plan and a guide to stick to, you will limit the silly times that could easily build up. Why? Because those silly slip ups happen when you aren’t prepared, think about it, you notice you are hungry but you have nothing healthy around you to eat…all that is in sight is chocolate cake that someone brought into the office. 2 slices eaten in less than 30 seconds…. What just happened!?!


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The Complete Guide To Losing Fat, Having More Energy, And Generally Being A Super Mum!

A short time ago a lady came into the studio and said that she needed to lose her baby weight. Her baby was now 5. She smiled because she knew that it wasn’t baby weight any more, she had just never lost any of the weight after her pregnancy, in fact she had put more on.


She was tired all the time, with no energy to run around with her 2 boys, let alone try and do everything else she needed to. She felt that she wasn’t being the best role model to her kids, she wasn’t active and didn’t eat well, but was trying to get her children to eat healthily. She didn’t feel comfortable in any of her clothes, refused to go and buy the next size up and simply didn’t feel comfortable in herself. She tended to avoid social situations because of this. She had stopped doing the things she enjoyed doing because she didn’t feel good about herself. And she had had enough, it was time to sort that out.


This is a story I hear over and over again.


Ladies who have put everyone else first for so long, that they have got to the stage, where they’re actually at breaking point. They haven’t looked after themselves, so they can’t do as good a job as they would like, of helping everyone else.


You have to look after you! I cannot stress this enough!


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5 Spices To Turn You Into A Fat Burning Machine (And Make Your Food Taste Better Too)

If you’re like me and you love food! More importantly healthy food that tastes great!

Now sometimes there’s stigma that good food is bad for you! However with these 5 spices you’ll be sure to help aid burning body fat and have a tasty meal with it!

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6 Great Exercise Christmas Gifts ‘For Her’

December’s blogs on Pursuit Fitness are all about what to get the fitness fan for Christmas.  That could mean you, your pal or partner.


However, we know there’s a Santa’s sack-load of stuff out there that you could buy, and to stop your head from spinning with the thought of, ‘where to start!’ we decided to do a lot of the heavy-lifting for you.  


In our last post, we highlighted some top home exercise equipment that you could put on your Yuletide list. Now we’re continuing with what to get for the woman in your life who loves to work out.


So to find the perfect Christmas gift ‘for her’ this year, have a look at the 6 suggestions below.  Choose any of these and you’ll definitely be helping your favourite female fitness buff to have a happy (and healthy) Christmastime:



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