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4 Top Books To Read To Help Improve Your Lifestyle In 2016

I love to read and I wanted to share my top book recommendations that you should read by the end of 2016. Part of the journey to achieving goals is having the knowledge of how to do so. These books will keep you on the path by giving you a better understanding on how to stay on track with your life goals.



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Must Read For Fitness & Weight Loss: Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy Until You’re 80 And Beyond, written by Chris Crowley, Henry S Lodge


There are lots of things that I recommend to our personal training clients. One of my favourite things though is to get people to read, and become an expert in health and fitness. I love my personal development and am always reading something with the intention of improving an aspect of my life.


If your current goal is to lose weight, or get fit, then you should be reading things that help you on that journey. You should make sure health and fitness is always on your mind. So I will be giving you ideas on things that you can read to help you.


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The Healthy Home

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing great. Today’s blog post is a review of a book I have recently read. This is my first book review so bare with me ☺ . I hope to provide you with a quick breakdown of the book and what I thought of it.

When I bought the book I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, I guess a book on how to make my home healthier, but what this exactly meant and to what depths it would go… I had no idea.


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