Could A Food Intolerance Be Killing Your Weight Loss Efforts?


Do you seem to be struggling to reach your health, fitness & weight loss goals?

Have you ever had any of these symptoms and you’re not sure why?

  • Bloated
  • Tiredness
  • Sickness
  • Lethargic
  • Fuzzy in the head?
  • Poor decision making in the afternoon
  • Water retention
  • Do you feel a little under the weather all the time?
  • Do you suffer from asthma or hayfever?
  • Do you have issues with your skin?


Have you ever put any of these symptoms down to food? The Answer. Probably? Maybe? Yes? Maybe not? No?


Well, the food you eat and drinks you drink can have a massive effect on your overall health. We all know that eating Mars bars does not equal good health in the long run and although may give us a rush of energy will leave us feeling tired 60mins later, and the calories will add up if we eat them regularly. But today I am not talking about calories.


Today I am talking about your body being intolerant to certain foods and drinks. Potentially even foods that are deemed healthy.


When you consume the foods you are intolerant to your body spends all its energy trying to get it out of the body, and not focusing on helping you have more energy and recovering. Once you eliminate the foods in question most people get masses more energy, weight drops off and they feel so much better.


Want to know how to figure out what you are intolerant too? Well we’re going to give you something that will help. There are loads of “food allergy” tests out there, and some are very expensive, but still the gold standard, most accurate, is the elimination diet.


The Elimination Diet



So what do you need to do? The first bit is relatively simple!  Note, I didn’t say easy, I said simple.


The Elimination


Cut out all gluten, all sugar, and all dairy for just 30 days. These are all man made products. Things like fruit and nuts are fine because they are natural.



Can Eat and Drinks         

                            Can’t Eat and Drink


                                    Processed Meat, Spam, Chorizo, Salami, Parma Ham


                                  Dairy. Yogurt, Cheese, Butter, Milk




                                 White Potato,white, brown, whole grain, wild, noodles, couscous, quinoa                                                                                                                                                                                     


                                  Refined sugar- biscuits, crisps, cake etc




                                     Refined Oils – Sunflower Oil



Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

The Reintroduction


The second part of the diet is very important and this is where a food diary if key, once you have completed the first 30 days you now need…..

1. Reintroduce sheep’s and goats dairy back into your diet, once you have done this monitor how you feel.If you get any of the symptoms above then you need to remove that product from your diet permanently.

2. 3 days later you bring back cream butter yoghurt and cheese. Again monitor how you feel if any symptoms occur then they have to stay out of your diet.

3. 3 days later cow’s milk comes back in. 

4. 3days later gluten comes back in. This tends to be the more popular cause of the affects above, however you are able to buy gluten free products.

5. Finally sugar!

I have now given you the tools to get into great shape, it’s now down to you, and how much you value your health.

Give it a go, lets us know how you get on.

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