The Benefits of Weight Training


Why must I exercise with weights when I do regular cardio-vascular exercise?


“I might get injured…..”


“I don’t want to have loads of muscle…..”


“I am not a body builder….”


“Cardio is how I burn calories and lose weight!”


I have heard a number of people make these exact comments with regard to weight training. A lot of people believe that weight training and gaining muscle does not help them lose fat and burn calories.

This is very WRONG!!


Did you know that for every additional pound of muscle you gain, your body burns about 50 extra calories per day, because resistance training increases your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)?



Your BMR is defined as the minimum number of calories your body burns whether at rest, working out or lying down. Therefore doing more weight training will increase your BMR and this will burn up more calories.


Remember, muscle weighs more than fat per square inch, so if you are not losing weight initially do not be disheartened as you will most definitely be losing cm’s, especially if you are exercising and eating healthy.



Many woman fear that if they weight train they will become bulky.

This is not the case as woman have very little amounts of testosterone (which is responsible for muscle shape and the ability for muscles to grow), so they will not develop bulging muscle naturally. Weight training in woman helps them lose body fat and also have a more defined look.


We promise, you will not look like this —->



Weight Training

Weight training is also beneficial as we get older.

Weight training decreases bone deterioration. The muscles, ligaments and tendons support the joints, so having these stronger and more mobile means more stabilisation of the joints and less joint pain.


Weight training can be dangerous if not done CORRECTLY. There is no use in lifting heavy weights, with bad form. You need to progress in weights from low to high as you get stronger and form (technique) is highly important to reduce any chance of injury.


If you are not sure of where to get started or how to train with weights, then I suggest doing some research or come and see us at our Pursuit Fitness Training facility in Esher. Just click here, for a free consultation.


We will be happy to help you.

Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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