Bank Account or Food Diary


So, the other day I was sat in my lounge going through bank statements when I realised that it looks more like a food diary than anything else. What with the quick pop to the supermarket or corner shop to grab something quick. It suddenly dawned on me that what I pay for a packet of cooked chicken and a packet of Uncle Ben’s rice starts to add up. 


On average I would say I used to spend £8 on lunch x8 by 5 (days you’re at work) = £40 a week x 40 by 52 £2,080. Over 2 grand a year on food just for lunch!!!! Now that is CRAZY, right? That a holiday, right there. 



So how do you eat cheaper? Firstly look at where your shopping? If you’re shopping at somewhere like Waitrose or M&S, ask yourself why? Is it the only place you can eat? Sometimes it will be. Which is OK. Surveys have been done that show Waitrose is no more expensive than Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s. Correct, when it comes to products that are sold in other supermarkets as well. But let’s take a look at the price of pre-cooked chicken for example from Waitrose a packet of chicken is £3.99 and a packet from Sainsbury’s £2.50. I don’t want to be misunderstood, I’m not having a pop at Waitrose here, I’m just giving facts and ways to help save money.



However, personally, the biggest eye opener for me, is how much cheaper things are when bought in bulk and cooked at home. Not only is it cheaper, it’s a lot healthier too. All those preservatives to make the food last longer and taste a bit nicer. Here is a shopping list from my last shop.


chicken breast



Extra lean beef mince 5%

500 grams


Turkey steaks

260 grams


Frylight coconut spray

1 bottle

£1.50 (offer)

Wholewheat Fusilli



Porridge Oats




100 grams








Chopped Tomatoes






Peppers  mixed peppers



Sweet Potato

1.25 kg





Tuna chunks in springwater

3 x 80gs


Unsweetened Almond Milk




Total = £29.43


This is a shop at Sainsbury’s, if you looked at other supermarkets, i’m sure the price may vary. I did this shop myself on a Monday and it got me to Saturday, Which for £30 isn’t bad, Seeing as that’s 4 days worth of just LUNCH. You’re now eating 3 healthy meals a day for at least 5 days.


Go ahead, make some of these changes today, not only will the free up some cash for, some new clothes? Maybe a holiday? You might even look amazing whilst out there. 🙂 


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Antony Penny

Antony Penny

Antony has always been the “go to” fitness mad friend, and has been offering advice and guidance for as long as he can remember. Antony loves rugby, and continues to play now. He has worked with a women’s premiership rugby club and several youth teams.

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