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How To Ensure You Eat Well All Week Even If You Have Limited Time To Cook

One of the biggest barriers to eating well is not having enough time. I hear it from our clients, and well anyone who is embarking on a fitness journey, “I don’t have time to cook meals and it’s hard to stick with my plan”.

So I thought today I could give you an idea of how to do this in the simplest most efficient way. So that even if you are rushed off your feet all day, you always have something healthy that you can eat.


Let’s talk about preparing your meals in advance…

So instead of getting home, opening the fridge and thinking… what on earth can I make with 1 egg, a lettuce and a block of cheese? You open the fridge and you have waiting for you a healthy, nutritious meal that you can just throw in the pan for 10 minutes to heat up. How much better does that sound?


So, let’s say you have 2 days off in a week, first, you can start the day with a shopping list, the one provided in your nutrition plan or….if you don’t have one, just make it based on what you plan to eat during the week. Having a plan is literally 80% of the battle. With a plan you know what to buy, you have the right food in the fridge and you’re ready to roll.

Make sure you include the healthiest option of foods that you enjoy. So now we have a base, you have a plan!


I would suggest buying a good quantity as you will be cooking a large quantity. I mean you can always freeze stuff. 

Let’s say you cook a chicken broth with vegetables, chicken/ lean beef/ turkey meat oven roasted with herbs and a little olive oil, 1 kg of sweet potatoes boiled or oven roasted and boiled or oven roasted veggies (whatever you like, best if it’s a nice colorful mix).

That could be your dinners for the next 3-4 days.

You could then boil a bunch of eggs and make a big pot of oat porridge and your breakfast is all done as well. Most of this foods as you can see are easy done and you can let them cook while you can do whatever else you need to do.

All your meals are ready now in no more then 2 hours.


Remember The Containers

You are going to need some plastic containers so that you can split your food into portions and stick it in the fridge or freezer.


I Don’t Want To Eat The Same Thing 4 Days In A Row

I know you’re thinking it, everyone always does. That’s why you could make a selection of meals or… if you do this for a few weeks and make several meals of each, then by the time you get to week 4 you could have 4 different meals in the freezer ready to roll. Just batch make one core meal every week and you will always have variety!


What About Snacks?

I know when on a fitness journey avoiding unhealthy snacks seems really tough. Well its even tougher if you don’t have healthy snacks around you. So again this comes down to having a plan. Make sure you always have fruits in the fridge, a big bag of mixed nuts, and serve a portion between meals if hungry. Again put the nuts into a small container int he morning and there is your afternoon snack.


This Feels Like It Will Take A Lot Of Time & Effort

Does it take some time… yes. But probably much less time than getting home each night, thinking about what you are going to cook, going to the shop, buying it, coming home, cooking it. This will SAVE you a lot of time in the process and effort too.


Coaches Favourite Batch Meals

I also thought I would ask the other coaches their favorites batch meals, so here is some more inspiration…

Chris:  I love a good chilli, day 1 with rice, day 2 turn it into a pie with either potato or filo pastry, love it!

Claire: Chicken and broccoli bake

Antony: Sweet potato lasagna


I hope that’s given you some inspiration, we would love to know your favourite batch cooking meals, leave us a comment below…


Alina xx



If you are interested in finding out about our programmes here in Esher, and how we may be able to help you get fit, lose a few pounds and inches, then click and here and request a complimentary consultation or give us a call on 01372 231002.


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