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Bank Account or Food Diary

So, the other day I was sat in my lounge going through bank statements when I realised that it looks more like a food diary than anything else. What with the quick pop to the supermarket or corner shop to grab something quick. It suddenly dawned on me that what I pay for a packet of cooked chicken and a packet of Uncle Ben’s rice starts to add up. 



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How Good Intentions Can Lead To Unhealthy Habits In Children

When I look through the food diaries of clients here at Pursuit I often see fun sized mars bars or a small packet of sweets in there, or a pizza express or even a McDonald’s. When I ask why, the response I often get is, “Oh I brought those as a treat for the kids” “But you ate them?”  So it was actually a treat for you too, you just used your kids as the excuse!


Yes, this is sabotaging your weight loss goal, but the thing that gets to me is that it’s also putting your children at harm too. Refined sugar has the same reaction on the brain as cocaine and heroin. Making it so hard for people to give it up at a later stage. Studies in America show the current teenage population is expected to lead shorter lives than their parents. Let me say that again. This is the first generation with a life expectancy lower than the one before. By 2050 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes and guess what? Britain is not far behind.


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3 Breakfast Foods That Are Holding You Back From Losing Weight

How many times have you been told that in order to lose weight you will need to take diet pills or eat plastic microwave food in tiny portions or what about drinking your meals?


Following on from one of my previous blog posts, the one about resetting your gut? I’m now going to give you 3 off that you have been told are healthy, that are actually killing your weight loss goals.


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