Are Your Cortisol Levels Crushing Your Goals?


We are almost halfway through the year…. I’m sure we’ve all gone through ‘stressful’ periods, or currently going through them whether it’s at work, home and/or relationships.


You might have heard us (Ben especially) speak about imbalanced cortisol levels leading to weight gain. This can be particularly frustrating if you are in a deficit trying to lose weight for a healthy lifestyle, or getting ready for a show.


Knowing how to manage, maintain, and avoid your triggers will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals through hormone maintenance. YES…. we’re getting deep here!


So… CortisolWhat The Heck Is It Anyway?


Cortisol is a hormone released in the body via the adrenal glands. Your body’s cortisol levels go up when adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) is released from your pituitary gland.


When a person is put under excessive amounts of stress whether it be physical or mental, the body produces more cortisol, attempting to calm you down. Another key reason of cortisol is to help the body use and metabolize sugar and fat for energy. Seems pretty great right, but this excessive release of cortisol can cause more problems than you might realise.

Having an excess amount of cortisol in the bloodstream and body can lead to weight gain, immune system issues, blood sugar imbalance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, low testosterone in men and fertility problems.


“Health should always be the priority.”


How Can You Manage Your Cortisol Level?



If you think you’ve got elevated cortisol levels, there are a few tips and tricks you can implement to help overcome this unwanted hormone. Lowering your cortisol can be accomplished relatively quickly!


Have no fear! Seriously, it will only cause more cortisol production 😉


Here are SIX tips and tricks that you can implement today that will help you manage your cortisol levels easily and quickly:

  • Sleep – The obvious one, getting enough sleep helps your body restore and ensure you’re ready for another day of hard work.                                              


  • Caffeine –Try reducing your coffee consumption throughout the day to see an increase in your mood. Too much caffeine can cause a lot of heart problems and unnecessary excess cortisol release.


  • Eat – Eating frequent meals will help to keep your blood sugar level even throughout the day. So grab a bite every 3-4 hours.


  • Magnesium – Whether you get this through food or in Epsom salt bath, upping your magnesium intake will go a long way to improve your cortisol level.


  • Blue Light – Try to avoid blue light 1-2 hours before bed. Blue light is emitted from cell phones and televisions. Being exposed to this type of light inhibits your body from creating melatonin, a naturally produced sleep aid.



  • Sea Salt – Grab a container of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and sprinkle it on all of your meals. The minerals in sea salt help reduce tension.


  • Relax – Take some time for yourself, and chill out. Watch a movie, go for a walk, read a book, anything that will help you wind down from your day especially at night time. Try a cup of chamomile tea to relax before hitting the sack.


It’s safe to say that we want to keep cortisol as level as possible! I hope this enlightens you to make sure you don’t stress much when you’re thinking of “Why don’t I see a change in myself?”. Try not to skip those reviews each month so that as coaches we can help you with stress coping mechanisms if needed.


“Constantly strive for your Best Self and Ignite Your Fire.”

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