7 Ways To Feel Inspired In The Kitchen


Cooking (and eating) is a part of our everyday so why shouldn’t it be fun, inspiring and filled with love?

Be inspired to embrace your inner foodie. I’m sharing my morning routine and healthy habits and simple tips but oh-so-effective techniques and ideas to cook.  

My Morning Routine

I’m an early bird. I enjoy waking up and watching the world around me come alive. I think it’s because of the silence and the feeling that today, everything is possible. That’s the feeling of a new day for me (until lunch and the afternoon when you realise that you won’t be able to make everything you planned for the day happen!). That’s morning bliss for me.

My Healthy Habits

For me the little things are what we really build our lives on. Dream big, but don’t forget the small dreams. The simplest things become special just by being here and now. For example sipping your everyday coffee with additional 5 more minutes to enjoy it in the moment. I promise you it’ll taste so much better.

Now going onto fine inspiration in the kitchen and master the art of everyday cooking….


1. Cook and plan for your leftovers 


Planning for leftovers is one of the best tips I can give you to ensure a smooth weekday schedule. Don’t cook for one dinner, you can turn that into lunch for another day that week. I like to personally store leftovers in a clear container/bag so that I. An actually see what’s inside it and not forget about it and let it go to waste.



2. It’s all in the planning 


By this I me you need to prioritise good planning, preparation and a little structure for your kitchen. This is the secret of all restaurants kitchens too. Make sure you have everything you need and know where it is. Set up an easy to use and organised system in your kitchen and make sure you do the dishes while you’re cooking so you’re not left with a huge pile of dirty dishes always stay one step ahead of things. If you’re stressed in the morning to make breakfast, then make sure you prepare as much ad you can the night before. All these small things make cooking easier and smoother. These are simple solutions to “I don’t have time to cook”.



3. Make it easy for yourself 


Don’t overwork your cooking. Choose good groceries and let them do their magic. Cook with love and the most simple dish becomes the perfect food for entertaining.

‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.’



4. Always have a quick fix ready

No matter how our lives look to others, we all have those hectic nights. Those nights when dinner time just crept up all of a sudden. That’s the reason why you should have 5 aces up your sleeves. The 5 recipes you can make more or less without thinking and quickly. A frittata is one of those aces of mine. It’s a perfect dish to use up the leftovers too.



5. Love your kitchen


Make sure your kitchen is a place you never want to leave and I promise you your cooking will improve and you’ll have more fun! How the kitchen looks is, for me, an important aspect of making cooking inspiring. How’s the lighting? Structure of the kitchen? Have you considered music, flowers and windows? Do you have enough space to work on?

Now don’t take this as if you need to renovate! It could just mean you need fresh flowers or maybe changing the placement of things in your cupboards. Small things that could make a huge difference.

‘Do what you love and love what you do.’



6. Approach cooking and shopping with an open mind 


Before I head to the shops I start with looking in my kitchen. What do I already have in the freezer, fridge and cupboards? Then I make some rough plans from this, but not a shopping list. The only things I do make a note if our the things are definitely need like almond milk and coffee. Instead I try to keep an open mind when I get to the store. What looks best among the veggies. That being said I mind put cheese down on my list, but because I didn’t specify I can get what I feel like. Take your time in store and shop a couple of days in advance instead of shopping stressed out. Always avoid shopping when you’re hungry. That’s just. Ran on yourself!



7. Enjoy the moments, always


When you’ve phone all your planning, shopping, cooking and ready to eat, what happens then? Shivering in food while sitting in front of the TV or standing in the kitchen? Sadly that’s what happens in reality. But I hope you get to sit down as a family and dine together.
There’s something magical about sitting down to the dinner table. It doesn’t have to be with others, I love having dinner on my own from time to time.

I hope this blog has made it simple for everyday cooking lifestyle 🙂

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