6 Exercises To Burn Fat Quickly


Have you ever been stood in the gym staring at 1000’s of different pieces of equipment wondering what on earth the are used for? Maybe you’re a little embarrassed to ask someone for help? So you find refuge on a treadmill or exercise bike? But then get frustrated that you aren’t getting the results you want? It’s okay we have all been there. If that’s you, then I’m going to show you 6 great exercises to help get over those fears of not knowing what to do and more importantly get you the results you want.  


1) Weighted Squats

Approach the bar, stand directly underneath, making sure the bar is now behind you, with the bar now behind resting on your shoulders. Place your hands in a comfortable position just a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Lift the bar off the rack, now stand feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. start the squat by going into a sitting motion. once your knees are at a right angle stand back up. Repeat 8-15 x3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.


2) Deadlift

Walk up to the bar, so your shins are touching it, then take your feet wider than shoulder width apart. turn your feet to a 45 angle. then lower your chest to the ground aiming to get your hips and head in line. take hold of the bar (hands shoulder width apart). forcing your knees out over your toes (to engage your glutes and hamstrings). stand up holding the bar as tight as possible. Repeat 8-15 x3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.



3) Weighted Lunge

Holding weights in your hands or a barbell on your shoulders. take a big step forward (keeping your chest upright). from there drop the back knee towards the floor making sure the back knee DOESN’T hit the ground. and drive back up through your heel and stand feet together. Repeat 20×3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.

You may have noticed that the 3 above are aimed at your legs, the next 3 are going to be aimed at your upper body.




4) Chest Press

Set yourself up in the squat rack. Lay on a bench with your eyes under the bar. Place your hand on the bar, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lift the bar away from the squat rack the bar should now be inline with your chest. Lower the bar down towards your chest, pause at the bottom of a second, press the bar back up toward the ceiling keeping the bar inline with your chest. Repeat 8-15 x3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.

Exercise 4 - Chest Press


5) Seated Shoulder Press

Place dumbbells on the floor next to your bench. Sit on a bench with the back of the bench upright. Once in position lift the dumbbells up to your shoulder, make sure your elbows are under the dumbbells, now press the dumbbells towards the ceiling. As you push them up, aim to meet them in the middle. Repeat 8-15 x3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.


6) Pull Up/lat pull down

Lots of gyms these days have assisted pull up machines, they just take some of your weight to make the exercise easier. For the pull up stand under the handles, lift your arms above your head. Take hold of the handles, hands just wider than shoulder width apart. And pull yourself towards your hands. Once your eyes are level with your hands (or as high was you possibly can), lower yourself back to the ground. Repeat 8-15 x3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.

Lat pull down. Sit under the bar, make sure your legs are secured under the pads. Grab hold of the bar, hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, pull the bar down to your chest, and then slowly take the bar back to its starting place and repeat. Repeat 8-15 x3 rest with a one minute rest in-between.



With these great exercises you can either do them all in one session. If you have enough time. However I would recommend doing upper body on one day and lower body on another day. Aiming for 8-12 reps using weights. If you get to 15 reps comfortably then increase the weight.  

Get out there and give them a go. let us know how you get on. If you have any questions regarding technique or any questions in general, then get in touch with one of the trainers at Pursuit.             


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Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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