5 Pieces of Essential Equipment for a Home Gym


Now that we’re probably facing another freezing British winter, the idea of building your own home gym may have crossed your mind once, twice or thirty times!


Making the decision to lose weight or get fit is the first hurdle, but actually committing the time to doing it can be a whole other challenge. It’s pretty easy to find excuses not to drag yourself out into a dark, wet evening for an hour of queuing for machines in a bustling, too brightly-lit gym where you’re forced to sweat it out to a loop of Miley Cyrus hits. However, stepping into your spare room for a solo fitness session where you can pound it out and no-one can hear you scream (well, except for your family downstairs but they’ll probably just raise the volume on the TV!) – Suddenly, your goals seems a whole lot nearer!


However, don’t go overboard with your home gym. Too many people make the mistake of kitting out their spare room or empty garage with top-of-the-range treadmills and other fitness equipment that they use for two weeks and then leave to collect dust and cobwebs for the rest of the year.   If, instead, you invest in a few essentials home workout kit items that match your core objectives – whether that’s weight loss, strength training or cardio fitness – you’ll be more likely to see results faster and use your home gym more.


With that in mind, here are 5 essential pieces of a home workout kit:





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1. Dumbbells

There are so many exercises that you can do with dumbbells they’ll immediately justify their purchase! Go for quality and invest in at least three different weights ranges for different exercises and strength-building.

We recommend starting with these dumbbells from Amazon.


2. Kettlebells

Don’t assume that you can use dumbbells for kettlebell movements as a lot of the most effective KB movements are unique. KBs are great because they come in different weights and sizes and can be used to help increase cardio levels, develop core strength and can also work as a full body workout.

Grab some of your own Kettlebells from here.


3. Squat rack and barbell

A squat rack is an extremely versatile piece of equipment which can be used for many different exercises such as deadlifts, chest presses and bent-over rows, to name but a few.

We recommended this squat rack to start with. However, if you would like to invest more, there are other options avaliable.
You’ll also need to grab an olympic bar, just click here.


4. Stability ball

Doing basic moves such as push-ups and squats on an unstable surface like a stability ball will really help you to improve your strength, cardio capacity and balance.

Reebox do great stability balls in a range of sizes, check them out here.


5. Rowing machine

The UK weather may have dashed your dreams of getting fit by rowing in the open rivers. So instead of going outside jump on the rower, have the rain streaming down the windows as your soundtrack and get your cardio in from the comfort of your own home!

BodyMax have a complete range of rowers, which you can check out here.


Additional items to consider: Yoga mat, jump rope, resistance band and – for those with some extra cash to splash – a cable machine.


A home gym is a great investment if you’re going to use it! So take your time building it up and, in the first instance, buy the items from the above-suggested kit list that you know you’ll definitely use. This will encourage you to step into your spare room regularly, eager to “get your sweat on”!


Also – if you want some advice on different exercises you can do with these pieces, feel free to drop me or any of the Pursuit Fitness team an email at info@pursuitfitnesstraining.co.uk.


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Chris Wright is the owner of Pursuit Fitness Training. He loves helping people achieve goals and inspiring them to be better. Chris has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several other challenges. Chris is definitely a dog person, but doesn't actually have one.

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